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We love The Green Shed in Canberra!

On Friday, I got to visit The Green Shed with my Centre Director Mel! It’s a great place in Canberra that re-sells stuff that can be recycled and reused, like books, furniture and ART SUPPLIES!

We work for Anglicare and are very lucky because the shed gives us our resources for free! We were very grateful to take back a second hand children’s art easel, AND a huuuuge roll of unused art paper for our Early Childhood Centre children!

This week children and staff have been focusing on staying positive - lots of singing, dancing and spontaneous hand holding! Social distancing is so important but a lot of the younger children don’t understand the concept. We practise practise coughing into our elbows and washing our hands. We are all doing our best in these unpredictable times.

Thinking of you all.

🌈 Fi

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