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My reflections on the Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2020

On Thursday 18th of June I took part in the Vinnie's CEO Sleepout of 2020. This event is an awesome initiative that raises money to support people experiencing homelessness in Australia. No Aussie should be homeless in this day and age!

Far out it was cold. -1 in Canberra and the frost hit. I had a high tech awesome tent from Mont Adventure Equipment and enough warm clothes to sink a ship.....but I was still cold.

If I'm lucky enough to have this material stuff and I feel like this, how on earth do people experiencing homelessness in Australia feel? It's just not right. Every one of us deserves to feel safe and comfortable in a place they call home.

The event was a success and we all raised over 5 MILLION DOLLARS to help! Not a bad effort, especially in 2020 when so many people in the community need financial assistance.

It was the silver lining to a pretty shit year for many Aussies. I hope 2020 gets better for all of us!

Lots of Love,


Creator - Art For Aged Care

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